Mirror This: In the Big Brother House

In the look of my father’s eyes (trust the african parent) as I sit in front of the t.v screen,

How to Love a Girl – Loose Audio

Mom, You Were Wrong

My mom was a trader who knew the value of education and wouldn’t take chances on her kids not having

On Prejudice

With Sarah, no words were needed. We let our lips and fingers do the talking. Home was what it was.

Body Enhancement

Olasike, you’re always eating! How will you find a husband? Don’t you know men don’t like fat women? Drop that

Stop With the Fetish – A Peek in Our Life

At first, it was okay. The constant “can I take a selfie with you”. Then it became annoying. From as

Pick Up

You have glanced at your phone again, You see it ringing yet you ignore; Am I that insignificant to you?