I Too Know (Oversabi)

The airport was busy. I had arrived Lagos close to an hour ago, but I did not want to leave

Dey Your Lane

Sweat beads formed on his forehead as a crowd began to gather. He tried to move, get out of the

Revenge Sweet Die!

Ufuoma glanced up at the clock. An hour had gone by and he wasn’t back yet. She had begun to

Johnny Just Come

Johnny Just Come

Heart pounding loudly, Emeka watched from the pedestrian bridge as people jaywalked across the road. He had seen this done

Radio Without Battery

Radio Without Battery

The room grew quiet as I walked in. I suddenly forgot how to walk properly as I concentrated on getting

Love Bug

February 2nd, 2048 John was setting the dinner table on the patio. He was smoothing barely visible folds off a

Mama Bleed

When She gave birth alone, in her small room, she was rather disgusted to note how much her baby’s father

Expert Lovers

I held your hand very tight. You squeezed back (silly.) Now we are here, months later. We are an exhibition

Venus’s Clock

My husband was always certain. Perhaps that is what first drew me to him. I loved the conviction with which

Amina’s Game

This is not another feminist story, because feminists are generally nice people, and to deem myself such would be blatant