Month: January 2019

The Crush - Loose Convos

The Crush

We met at a party, we had a mutual friend who introduced us, when I first laid my eyes on

My Beautiful Dark World (PT. 2)

…To have and to be cold Silence. Dead silence…did I just hear a pin drop?. Everywhere is dark. I see

I Would Rather Go Out Baring It All

Yes like the changing of time from night to morning so did the weather change overnight from being cloth friendly

the queer folks - loose convo

The Queer Folks

I listened to the cries as Emeka got beaten blue back, not by strangers or assumed haters at least that

My Beautiful Dark World

Things of the heart are very delicate and should be treated as such. Matters of the heart cannot be decided

The Unwed Mother

You would find a group of guys hanging out and telling crude jokes and whatever general topic that flies into

Your Wife is Cheating on You. Yes, You.

Your wife is cheating on you. Yes, you. Every single one of us and it’s unfair. Extremely unfair, but wait,