Month: February 2019

loose convos

Dear friends, Ignore the haters

Haters! You see them everywhere; that neighbor who always acts maliciously just to get on your nerves, that follower on

the last supper - loose convos

Last Supper.

The four walls of my room can’t contain the sweet moaning in my head I had to escape from my

A Little Here… A Little There

We are staring at each other. The tension in the room can be cut with a pair of scissors. There

yesterday's woman - loose convos

Yesterday’s Woman

Only a few people know what it is like to have a strong woman for a mother. We all hear

risky enough huh - loose convos

Risky Enough Huh

I woke up early in the morning. It was a day off. As I lay still in my bed, I

female masturbation - loose convos

When Will We Start Discussing Female Masturbation?

* This piece is not concerned about whether masturbation is a “sin” or not. Sometime last year, I was having

lose convo

If Only You Were Sincere

Have you all ever had that lover who intentionally ignores your texts and your calls all in the name of