Month: March 2019

poem: sorrow - loose convo

Read A Poem; Sorrow

Is sorrow a name, is it a place Does she have a mane, does she have a face Oh sorrow

on inncoence: poetry - loose convo

Read A Poem; On Innocence.

Innocence is relative. Its a state of the human mind. Our society has made out innocence to be whatsoever you

they said - loose convos

They Said

Ever heard a person starts a statement with “they said” or “I heard” and the speaker now went on and



This is a toxic decision I had to take the moment she shut the door on my face. I heed

pain - loose convos

Read A Poem; Pain.

Am I worthy of you or not Does my love go to waste ‘cos you cannot Oh for Aphrodite’s wrath

no be me do am - loose convo

Read A Poem; No Bi Me Do Am.

Which kain life be dis Wey man pikin no go live in peace Na crime say I bin born Wey

size matters: small penis chronicles - loose convos

Size Matters: Small Penis Chronicles.

Centuries have come and gone, but sexual escapades of many live on as endless stories amongst us. These tales will

new day - loose convo

Read A Poem; New Day.

A new day has begun Still, I’m far from the man I wish to be Another song yet unsung This

nothing is certain - loose ocnvo

Read A Poem; Nothing Is Certain.

Fading light and speaking shadows Birds-a-chirping as day becomes darkness See, watch as color eludes grass on empty meadows This

i wonder; i ponder - loose convo

Read A Poem; I Wonder, I Ponder.

Tonight I hold you, yet I feel alone, Slowly you have crawled into my heart; still, I feel empty, I