Month: April 2019

inside ikoyi prison VII - loose convo

Inside Story Part 7; Dangote Thief

Some Jankarians hovered around my bed as I ate my food. They always do. Life in prison is difficult for

inside ikoyi prison VI - loose convo

Inside World Part 6; Alejo Story

I was having visitors on a daily basis. Sometimes I had about three visitors in a day. They all came

inside ikoyi prison V - loose convo

Inside World Part 5; Jankara Blues

Two incidents that happened to Jankara people made a permanent impression on my conscience that I had to plead with

read a poem: self - loose convos

Read A Poem; Self

He screamed, ”Keep your mouth shut”! I have been silenced He says hold your peace I am voiceless My heart

Dear Simi - Loose Convo

Dear Simi

I hesitated to address your recent pep talk because I’d sound hypocritical and my stand will be morally selective which

inside ikoyi prison IV - loose convo

Inside Ikoyi Prison Part 4; Jankara

In Freedom state Jankara represents poverty, penury, hardship, lack, slavery, squalor, disease, want, destitution, hard labour, injustice. Every synonym that

inside ikoyi prison III - loose convo

Inside Ikoyi Prison Part 3; Freedom State.

There are two types of cells at Ikoyi Prison — general cell and privileged cell. I don’t know whether this classification is

inside ikoyi prison II - loose convo

Inside Ikoyi Prison Part 2 — Hostile Warders

We alighted from the Black Maria amidst shouts and yelling from the warders. We were close to one hundred in

inside ikoyi prison I - loose convo

Inside Ikoyi Prison Part 1; Hostile Warders.

The police handed me over to a stern looking warder at Igbosere Magistrates’ Court. He collected a document from them

money: diary of a lagos graduate - loose convo

Money; Diary Of A Lagos Graduate.

#100 Iyana Ipaja, #100 Iyana Ipaja, several men shouted. They seemed to be the conductors of the yellow bus that