Month: May 2019

on inncoence: poetry - loose convo

Innocence – Audio

Innocence – Nnamdi Ogbuagu

Raider - Nnmadi Ogbuagu

Raider – Audio

Raider – By Nnmadi Ogbuagu

elysium - loose convos

Elysium – Audio

money: diary of a lagos graduate - loose convo

Diary of a Lagos Graduate – Audio

When I read this story, the song I immediately thought about was, “Suffering and smiling,” by Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Word on the Street Series – Video

Word on the street; Question of the day; Does big Breast/Ass matter in a relationship? @theladybant is still curious about

the battles we fight : mothers and failures - loose convo

The Battles We Fight; Mothers And Failures

As I held the brown envelope between my sweaty palms, my heart skipped beats as it raced abnormally. I was

Kuramo by Oluwafemi - loose convo


I woke up as the DJ changed the song and put on Tuface’s Nfana Ibaga, I slowly took in my

seasons by mercy - loose convos

Read A Poem; Seasons.

The Late Bloomers. Most flowers bloom in spring the season after winter when nature held in captive finally sits with

A poem: salience - loose convo

A Beautiful Lie.

I tossed and turned through the night, wondering where I went wrong in life. A few years behind my initial

metaphysics on sex raji a. samuel - loose convos

Metaphysics On Sex

So if you take the bend around the barber shop down behind the steep road, you find yourself at the