Month: June 2019

A Tyrant’s Tragedy

The conference room is as quiet as a graveyard. It’s been so since Azuke Mazzari stepped in. The Union of

Failure: The Spur

When you are 30, Christmas smells of nothing. Not the smell of burning hides clouding the harmattan air, not the

How To Love a Girl in Seven Steps

One When Ma tells you she needs grandchildren because she is itching to her grave, you know it is time

Of Spice and Oil

Harbinger You knew this would happen: The doctor planting death into your body by giving your ailment a name. Madam.

This is Why We Fight

They gathered at the estate like medieval warriors preparing for battle. Some lifted placards bearing signs: WE ARE NOT DUMPSITES,KEEP

Freedom; 60

We cannot leave them. Who relinquishes power? We have nursed them like a child since 1914, and now they want

Olaedo (Precious Gem)

I hear voices, sometimes I can read thoughts and a lot more that the rest of the world doesn’t know.

Lagos Living; A Memoir

Phone alarm goes off: wake up, scroll through phone, reply messages, take a bath, dress up pack a bag, catch

Be My Hero

With a gun in hand and a fist clenched so tightly to his throat, I was ready to take both

The Branch out of Reach

Standing on the toilet bowl, Isika peered through the tiny window. Her yellow flare gown was shouting on her skin,