Month: August 2019

Rape Culture II

I was remorseful for not calling the police. I was remorseful for allowing him to talk me down and convince

Rape Culture I

I hate injustice. I hate unfairness. I detest both. However, as humans, we are all guilty of both at some

Mr Testosterone

Hello Mr Testosterone, this is 2019. Eve is no longer the weak gullible woman shadowed by society and your archaic

Normal is Weird II

Maybe boys should have more sincere conversations with each other, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me asking a

Normal is Weird I

This is unedited so please don’t mind any repetitions or mistakes and this is my first time writing. I recently

A Monday Morning

The pungent stench of urine was too much for me to handle. Usually, I held my breath while passing this


The bullying began in JSS 2. I would lift my bag after school and find it heavier than usual, open


Mirror This: In the Big Brother House

In the look of my father’s eyes (trust the african parent) as I sit in front of the t.v screen,

How to Love a Girl – Loose Audio