A Monday Morning

The pungent stench of urine was too much for me to handle. Usually, I held my breath while passing this part of the bridge but today, today I was fed up with everything. Too fed up to care.

It was difficult to accept this life; my new life. How did I go from having everything I wanted to begging for jobs and interviews all day every day. From having a personal driver and car to standing at the bus stop waiting for Danfo hoping my’t-fare will be enough?

In the midst of my new reality, the hardest thing for me to accept was that he was no more. The love of my life, the father of my children, my best friend, my husband, my forever. He is gone and was not coming back. My heart was breaking more and more everyday but I had to be strong for our children.

They can never see my weakness. Else, I have failed them and I could never do that. A mother can never fail. How cruel can this life be? How can you take away our everything? Did you think of the children? Did you think of me? The people he was going to leave behind broken? Actually, Mr Death, did you think at all?

by Looser 6

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