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child abuse by bodibana - Loose Convo

Child Abuse

My dearest angel, If you are reading this, I am six feet under. I know this because the lawyer who

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We buried my mother today. I want her to rest. She has suffered a lot in this life and deserves

mrtality by bodibana - Loose Convo


They are at it again. These mortals are just never content. If only they knew that I and my fellow

drug abuse - bobidiana - Loose Convo

Drug Abuse

Did you not know that everything could not be about you alone anymore?The angels have been trying to explain to

prostitution by bobibana - Loose Convo


My people say that when the elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. My mother suffered some disadvantages in

a hero returns home - loose convo

A Hero Returns Home

“Afro-Beat Singer Richie Malano Found Dead?” Those words resonated across the entire stadium, further amplifying the deafening silence that was

opium of the masses - rotimi - loose convoo

Opium of the Masses

Nigeria is ranked as the second most religious country in the world today but I believe that is the case

one day for the owner - loose convo

One Day For the Owner

“See my own” Musa said as he stretched out his left arm. “Your own is even good kuma, let me

till death - loose convo

Till Death

“I wanna grow old with you, I wanna die lying in your arms…” Those words are not just the lyrics

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The school bell rang—closing time. And I sat rooted to my sit, flipping through the pages of a textbook I