Category: May 2019

Freedom: The Cycle’s End

The game was on. I never really understood the difference. Premier league, Championship or whatever. They all sounded the same


If you are sitting down, stand up! I am about to introduce a queen. Growing up my best friend was

A Portrait Of Me

I smile when I paint pictures of naked women and lazy trees that are too occupied to move, and the


Failure is relative. It is relative to your standards and expectations. If you never dream, you will never fail. It

Tyrant’s Tragedy – Sequel

Red sparks fly out from the centre of the firewood as Nakia makes sure she supplies enough oxygen with her

A Tyrant’s Tragedy

The conference room is as quiet as a graveyard. It’s been so since Azuke Mazzari stepped in. The Union of

Failure: The Spur

When you are 30, Christmas smells of nothing. Not the smell of burning hides clouding the harmattan air, not the

How To Love a Girl in Seven Steps

One When Ma tells you she needs grandchildren because she is itching to her grave, you know it is time

Of Spice and Oil

Harbinger You knew this would happen: The doctor planting death into your body by giving your ailment a name. Madam.

This is Why We Fight

They gathered at the estate like medieval warriors preparing for battle. Some lifted placards bearing signs: WE ARE NOT DUMPSITES,KEEP