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Yesterday, I cried

I made a simple plan for last night; to fast forward my long day and find myself comfortable ensconced in

Rape Culture II

I was remorseful for not calling the police. I was remorseful for allowing him to talk me down and convince

Rape Culture I

I hate injustice. I hate unfairness. I detest both. However, as humans, we are all guilty of both at some

Normal is Weird II

Maybe boys should have more sincere conversations with each other, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me asking a

Normal is Weird I

This is unedited so please don’t mind any repetitions or mistakes and this is my first time writing. I recently

Mirror This: In the Big Brother House

In the look of my father’s eyes (trust the african parent) as I sit in front of the t.v screen,

Mom, You Were Wrong

My mom was a trader who knew the value of education and wouldn’t take chances on her kids not having

Stop With the Fetish – A Peek in Our Life

At first, it was okay. The constant “can I take a selfie with you”. Then it became annoying. From as

A Portrait Of Me

I smile when I paint pictures of naked women and lazy trees that are too occupied to move, and the


Failure is relative. It is relative to your standards and expectations. If you never dream, you will never fail. It