Pick Up

You have glanced at your phone again, You see it ringing yet you ignore; Am I that insignificant to you? You say you don’t like calls and I have to book an appointment but how do that when you won’t talk to me?l would not get tired of trying. Hard as you may, you can

Last Respect

We all heard the witch’s cry But what we found at dawn Lied too gruesome for our eyes. Our mouths were dumb they could not speak, Our hearts were heavy they weighed too large And our eyes bled tears, the stain like oil we could not erase. We saw ourselves and we were like strangers

define love - lose convo

Define Love

‘Define love in your terms’ The pamphlet read.  And I had to go back to my thoughts.  Growing up, love between my parents symbolized support. Support you need and support you get. Married with not much to their name, the empire they built was marred with eminence. She was never a rug nor was he an

deep Faaizah - Loose Convo


I sincerely realise I don’t like emotionally unstable persons,  It could have been nice if you could identify it yourself, But then you shift the blame unto others. I mean,sometimes you just have to be your own superhero, Grab the rope yourself and rely on no one It could be tough,may require tears,could warrant low

seasons by mercy - loose convos

Read A Poem; Seasons.

The Late Bloomers. Most flowers bloom in spring the season after winter when nature held in captive finally sits with liberty ask the tulips and listen through, in many shades they ought to know. Some in autumn cast their shade, in falls season the dahlias will also tell and others choose summer’s glowing luster like

A poem: salience - loose convo

A Beautiful Lie.

I tossed and turned through the night, wondering where I went wrong in life. A few years behind my initial plan and all my friends ahead of time. My supposed best friend turned bone in the throat, making my mind go in overdrive. My roommate jolted a while ago, with excuses that I couldn’t aline

read a poem: self - loose convos

Read A Poem; Self

He screamed, ”Keep your mouth shut”! I have been silenced He says hold your peace I am voiceless My heart is heavy, my bones are broken My body is the drum that he beats, the gym for his fitness I am his weakling, I have become too soft to fight I am a ghost walking

about family - loose convos

Read A Poem; About Family

A union of our unique individualities practically illustrated in words as thus…….., What the fuck is family? If nothing but a broken entity A Gay mum, an incestial dad, offsprings laden with bestiality that sprung off their loins. Through ups and downs, We rise and fall, guess the string that binds us all… Not love