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Stop the Hypocrisy

Men have been fucking men in Nigeria before the white men arrived. Men have been raiding and selling their fellow

Where is The News

In the 90’s, my dad would send us to the bus stop to buy newspapers for him to read and

If You Call Your Pastor “Daddy” This is Where We Go Our Separate Ways.

This is my robust reaction. I was going to write this in a more eloquent tone but fuck it. This

better no god by jumoke - Loose Convo

Better No God

Perhaps in the future (if there is one for us),  when we are fed and happy,  we can rummage through

Dear Simi - Loose Convo

Dear Simi

I hesitated to address your recent pep talk because I’d sound hypocritical and my stand will be morally selective which

size matters: small penis chronicles - loose convos

Size Matters: Small Penis Chronicles.

Centuries have come and gone, but sexual escapades of many live on as endless stories amongst us. These tales will

men: entitled junkies - loose convo

MEN; Entitled Junkies

“The moment I saw you I fell in love.” — good for you bros. “When will you come and see me, you

modernism - loose convos

Modernism, A Blessing Or A Curse

Man has passed from different stages of development since creation, introducing different styles of art, architecture, literature, and philosophy but

perspectives - loose convos


I don’t know if this is right. But I’ll vocalize it anyways. You left her and she still loves you.

I Would Rather Go Out Baring It All

Yes like the changing of time from night to morning so did the weather change overnight from being cloth friendly