Stop the Hypocrisy

Men have been fucking men in Nigeria before the white men arrived. Men have been raiding and selling their fellow men as slaves in Nigeria before the slave masters made it a lucrative business. Let’s all shut up with this hypocrisy. Don’t have ignorant arguments because you refused to read. The Bible was written in

better no god by jumoke - Loose Convo

Better No God

Perhaps in the future (if there is one for us),  when we are fed and happy,  we can rummage through the dustbins of our souls to retrieve the stained,  broken pieces of God. We flunged him there long ago during those desperate moments of dizzying hunger when he wouldn’t answer our calls and we thought

Dear Simi - Loose Convo

Dear Simi

I hesitated to address your recent pep talk because I’d sound hypocritical and my stand will be morally selective which is not my intent. Simi, I’m glad you’ve made headway in this treacherous industry even though I’m not a fan of your music. Your voice annoys me. You remind me of a CAC chorister back

men: entitled junkies - loose convo

MEN; Entitled Junkies

“The moment I saw you I fell in love.” — good for you bros. “When will you come and see me, you know I don’t bite.” — we can’t be sure of your animal classification. “C’mon baby, you’re a matured lady that’s why I’m expressing my sexual feelings to you.” — well done sir, expressionist “I’m sexually attracted to you.” — so? “I’d

perspectives - loose convos


I don’t know if this is right. But I’ll vocalize it anyways. You left her and she still loves you. Aches for you and cries for you. She’s annoying, Impatient, Crazy, Paranoid. She believes all the rumors about you. Yet, did you ever stop to talk with her? Properly talk. Not “I’m busy text” when