Hello Mr Testosterone, this is 2019. Eve is no longer the weak gullible woman shadowed by society and your archaic view of how she’s supposed to serve you. She’s stronger, smarter, not necessarily well educated but knows her left from her right. She doesn’t need your approval anymore. Even though she acknowledges you, she’s not subdued by your existence. You’re going to need more than a baritone
voice to order her around.

She’s financially independent, knows her worth and will protect her happiness. To her you could be more or less a walking dildo and a bag of swimming spermatozoa. You can’t shame her for sleeping with you, she wanted it and did it for her sexual needs and can as well discard you.

She doesn’t necessarily need you for procreation you’re only as important as the last name for her child and that too can be discarded.

You’re going to need more than Bible verses to tame this one. She knows you’re the head but needs you to prove every inch of it. If you give her a ring, she will not be wowed by the theatrics and will ask you to get off your knee and convince her that you’re worth spending a life time with.

Marriage is not an achievement to her, If you break your vows, she will leave and no amount of societal, religious and family pressure will make her jeopardize her happiness.

She will chase her dreams and will not need your money or approval to do it. She will throw your chauvinistic rants back in your face at the expense of her freedom. Her mother in law has no say in her home and she will not hesitate to send nosy relatives out of her home. Eve is reborn and today’s men are not ready for her.

by Femi Shine

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