Normal is Weird II

Maybe boys should have more sincere conversations with each other, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me asking a male friend how his day was or what he ate for breakfast and other deep conversations about their present state. Maybe if we had a society like this, I’ll not be bothered when a guy messages me saying how was your night.

One of the only times I ask a man how his night/day was is when I message my dad asking for money and think that should change. I hope he does not see this. Maybe we should allow boys to have diaries.

While I was writing this, my cousin saw me and announced to other roommates that I was having an emotional moment with my note app in the way someone will announce that I was doing something bad and then he followed it with calling me a pussy, although I’m sure he meant no harm, his action is a stereotype of that boys who have diaries are weak.

I don’t have a diary tho, just saying. Maybe my roommates or other boys should not be surprised when I tell them I’m not a fan of football. Maybe boys should be allowed to play with any toy they want to play with. Growing up, I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls because my mom had many and would make clothes for them, the day my mom saw me with one in the presence of he friend, her reaction made me really embarrassed and I have not touched a Barbie doll since that day.

I am no longer interested in playing with them but maybe I shouldn’t have been embarrassed in the first place. Maybe they shouldn’t have reacted the way they did. I also enjoyed brushing and playing with my mom’s hair, maybe her friends should have not asked me questions like “why do you like doing girlish things. I remember when my teacher in SS3 told my dad that am the only girl in the school allowed to wear trousers because I behave like a girl and I was embarrassed.

Maybe my dad should have rebuked him for saying that. Maybe we’ll one day live in a world where parents will see their son playing with dolls or their daughter playing with the latest video game and not tell them to stop. Maybe parents will stop telling kids that the color blue is for boys and the color pink is for girls. Maybe your neighbor’s daughter won’t see your dirty plates in your kitchen through the window and offer to help you wash it because her mom told her washing plates is the job of the female child.

Maybe we just need to deconstruct gender roles and let people be. I need to stop here, my hands ache already and I have really deviated from the initial message.

by Adedamola

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